A few years ago, Steve our MD had a fairly difficult situation to deal with. His grandma has Dementia and the family needed to quickly empty her flat and move her to a specialist care home. It was a very difficult time but was absolutely the right thing for us to do.

We’ve always been big fans of mid century furniture and home ware but this was slightly different as we were tasked with selling bits and bobs that couldn’t be transferred rather than using a house clearer. So, we diligently got on the case and had around 200 various bits of retro funk to sell, it was doubly important as we were using the money from things sold to create “memory albums” for her to have a the care home which is great for helping to¬†recall events.

So, to cut a looong story very short, yes we did sell lots of things but also got massively drawn into the funky nature of the 1960’s designers and personally ended up buying hundreds of items ourselves, from g plan furniture to shot glasses for our home bar! It didn’t stop there, we literally had a house, garage and 2 storage units full within a few months to the point we seriously worried we were living in a maze of teak.

We then bit the bullet and decided to go for our first modest premises, much to the relief of our dogs. After 2 weeks we moved to premises 4 x the size and then took on our next 2 premises. It’s been a whirlwind few years but we have loved every minute of it, we are passionate about what we do, actually anoraks!

As for Grandma, she is thriving and has a gang, granted the worst they get up to is reminiscing and giggling about old times, but hey, that works for us ūüôā