For the love of G Plan

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Lucille really wanted G Plan…

I’m not going to hide it’s been a pretty rough time with personal tragedy and illness combined with some pretty awful business situations. Life happens, it’s how we react and learn from it that makes us warriors. Being surrounded by stunning G Plan and Danish teak furniture helps a lot!

What made our story significantly worse, was negligent parties who took the opportunity to try and cause more damage to hide their actions. It sometimes really makes you think that humanity took a wrong turn when you look the way people treat other people, not only bereft of ability to empathise with others, but who actively set out to be malicious instead. Thankfully there are plenty of good people, clients and friends around us who show that all is not lost and at difficult times, everyone can always turn to someone. We are so lucky to have had some fantastic people around us who believe in us, who have helped us kick some backside and return even stronger.

So, here we are, first victory under our belt and first vindication that the circumstances were not of our creation. Nobody likes feeling like a victim, so you will understand the relief we now feel that we won our first case proving negligence by a party who caused us damage. Particularly given that the victory has enabled us to clear the slate and continue to build our fantastic business. We are now very committed to bringing the other parties to account for discrimination, negligence, contempt and bullying.

The moral of this story is, never, never give up. Sometimes it is so hard to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel, particularly if you are in a minority or have disability (or both). We have come through some unbelievable times at the hands of people who to be frank, need to put aside ignorance and hold themselves accountable. We doubt they will but at least they will know that not every apparent victim will lie down and die.


Those of you who know and have supported us, thank you so much. In particular we want to thank Pete, Andy, Keith, Michelle and Claire, without who’s help this could have been a very different story, you know who you are and we are in your debt. Thank you. Now we get to carry on with breathing new life into stunning mid century g plan and danish teak furniture to provide to our clients for a whole new life with a new family. We love what we do. That’s all.

Steve and Jae