G Plan by any other name…

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G Plan Fresco Compact SideboardSo, you are looking for some cool G Plan funk to style up your home and you start surfing the net, you find all kinds coming up in searches and selling sites professing to be made by the highly popular manufacturer. It’s fair to say that people often use “G Plan” as a generic term, much like we all say Hoover or Dyson now instead of vacuum cleaner.

The reality is that there were many fantastic designers and manufacturers of teak furniture out there who also deserve to be credited for the stunning curves, lines and aesthetics they created in the 60s and 70s modernist homes, many of which were a nod to the spectacular creativity coming from Danish talent.

Well respected names like John Herbert, Design Director for A Younger, A H McIntosh, Robert Heritage, Designer for Archie Shine, Elliotts of Newbury (originally designers and builders of Gliders), White and Newton, Ercol, Frank Guille, Designer for Austinsuite and a myriad of other well known names are sometimes incorrectly classed in the G Plan brand.

If you are adding a stunning piece of social history to your home, it’s highly collectable, mostly fantastic statement pieces and could be any one of a great stable of designers and manufacturers of that era. Always check to see if there is a badge or signature on the piece as that will help you figure out who designed and built it!

In this case, G Plan Fresco range was designed by Victor Bramwell Wilkins, a highly talented British designer, this range remains the flagship, most popular model to modern day. Read more about Ebeneezer Gomme (E Gomme)