Mid century furniture styling and longevity

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Danish Bornholm Mobler Teak Bureau Desk Book Shelf Retro Mid Century SecretaireThe one thing about mid century furniture you just cant help but spot is that it was so well designed and built that it’s still with us 50-60 years on. We think that speaks volumes about the pride and workmanship that came with a post-war society who very much focussed on looking after their – now retro furniture. They bought it to last, not replace in a year or two when the veneer came off or when a marketing machine dictated a new style.

If you are like me, you likely had a mum or gran who either had covers on the sofa or a glass top on the g plan sideboard or fresco dressing table to protect the teak. We routinely went for Sunday dinner and that was the only day we could even go in the dining room, it was a closely protected vault at any other time. We had to navigate trip wires, laser sensors and a security guard just to get into the “Sunday room” and that was before we dared touch the dining chairs or teak sideboard!

Well, all I can say is thank goodness they were so protective, by doing that they safeguarded a massive piece of social history that we all love and remember today. This stunning Danish Bornholm Mobler bureau has been with the same family since they bought in the 60s, the only thing we needed to do was refinish the pull out desk section, other than that it was pristine. That is how they rolled!